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    • IMGA0136
      See Steve's exclusive Gumball Rally video from NBC-TV's Whipnotic website (copy and paste): Over 120 gas-guzzling super-exotic sports cars, Hummers, Cadillac Escalade SUVs and an occasional interesting older car roared on May 2, 2009, from a California beach-side parking lot directly onto I-10, the Santa Monica Freeway, also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, for the start of this year's Gumball Rally. The world's most politically-incorrect automotive street event, the Gumball Rally 3000, left Santa Monica (CA) Pier on Saturday, May 2, 2009 and headed toward its ultimate destination of Miami, FL eight days later. Participants reportedly paid $44,000 per car/team to enter the event. Though the Gumball stresses the skills of its drivers (and their cars) there are only two race track "special section" stops scheduled for the 3,000-mile long event, which will be run on public roads with all entrants subject to all highway rules and regulations. All photos (c) 2009 by


    February 11, 2009


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    Dave Galvin

    Sir......I raced speedway at Costa Mesa in the 70s in 1st Div. as a Pro.
    Ever been there? From your comments to your measurements of the track it's obvious that you haven't. The track is 1/10 of a mile in diameter. The bikes have no brakes and will do 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. Re-do the math

    Ray Barondick

    Hey steve, on your costa mesa comment, i do realize it was the 70s. so how much of that tex-mex ghetto weed did you and your bro's smoke that night!!! you know speedway has a hard enought time makin it in this dumbass, backflippin,burmbustin,motoX crazy country so as it is, and don't even mention the WORTHLESS AMA who would rather see speedway just go away. then you make some dumbass comment like that!!! 2 EMMYS!!! WHAT A FU*CKING JOKE!!!YOUR JUST ANOTHER FIM,AMA SUCKASS!!!12MPH!!! I GOT TWO BROKEN COLLAR BONES,A BROKEN SHOULDER BLADE AND TWO CRACKED VERTABRAE FROM THAT"12MPH"YOUR JUST ANOTHER SILVER SPOON FED SPORTSCAR BRAT WHO HAS NO CLUE WHAT RACING IS(AUTO OR MOTORCYCLE)I HOPE THE GHOST OF BOB SWIEKERT, STEVE EKLUND AND JOEY DUNLAPP COME FOR YOU IN THE NIGHT(YOU DO KNOW WHO THEY ARE DON'T YOU?)....PINHED!!!..P.S.ASSEARS!! THAT 12MPH WAS PROBABLY THE D-3 GUYS, YOU KNOW FIRST NIGHT ON THE BIKE!!BUT HEY WHAT'S IT'S MATTER TO YOU,BAD MOUTH THE SPORT SO THE BACKFLIPPERS CAN JUST TAKE OVER WHATS LEFT OF THE AMA's MASTER PLAN TO WIPE OUT ALL DIRT TRACK RACING...

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