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      See Steve's exclusive Gumball Rally video from NBC-TV's Whipnotic website (copy and paste): Over 120 gas-guzzling super-exotic sports cars, Hummers, Cadillac Escalade SUVs and an occasional interesting older car roared on May 2, 2009, from a California beach-side parking lot directly onto I-10, the Santa Monica Freeway, also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, for the start of this year's Gumball Rally. The world's most politically-incorrect automotive street event, the Gumball Rally 3000, left Santa Monica (CA) Pier on Saturday, May 2, 2009 and headed toward its ultimate destination of Miami, FL eight days later. Participants reportedly paid $44,000 per car/team to enter the event. Though the Gumball stresses the skills of its drivers (and their cars) there are only two race track "special section" stops scheduled for the 3,000-mile long event, which will be run on public roads with all entrants subject to all highway rules and regulations. All photos (c) 2009 by


    November 08, 2006



    Thanks for the comment. I personally have always thought that the two Black menon bicycles were probably killed within eight hours (or sooner) of killing Mick (and I worked for Mick and Trudi for over e year in the very house where he was shot). Goodwin had a lot of prison and gang connections, and would have known how to put together a deal like that. Sick, sick stuff!



    I DON't know if Goodwin did kill mr. Thompson. But if the 48-hrs presentation is anything to go by, had i been on the jury, I could not have convicted Goodwin. Perhaps he is guilty and there was evidence that was not shown - but the pressure from the well connected family, the almost universal love and admiration for Mr. Thompson and the asides from the 48-hrs team generally & the male reporter who interviewed Mr. goodwin after his conviction, did anything but convince me.HAd I been Mr. Thompson's sister, I would not have been able to accept this as good policing or investigation. I would have wondered to the end of my days whether they had done it because of the political pressure I exerted and whether I had let a guilty person go free - never having to be worried about being tracked down or found because someone else had already been convicted. But SOMEBODY hired the 2 killers!!!. PERHAPS Mr. Goodwin is as hateful as he was described but I was more convinced by his arguments about the HUGE hole in the prosecution's case, than I was persuaded by the argument of the prosecutor. I did not understand how the judge could deny the presentation of evidence showing that there were others who wanted Mr. Thompson dead/ wished them harm - but again - political connections and money talk. Perhaps Mr. Goodwin killed Mickey Thompson, but this was a sorry case presented which looked incredibly like the anatomy of a "railroad" to me. I wish I could have been seen some evidence which connected him to the crime other than the obvious money. He might be guilty - but the prosecution did not do it for me. But I am not his sister or relatives and PERHAPS it was more about getting their man by any means necessary than about proving Mr. Goodwin's guilt. For their sake and the sake of the victims, I hope they were right. By the way, this is the first time I have EVER seen police neglect looking for the BLACK killers (according to the witness IDs) of a WHITE man to go after another white man. They must either have had some very strong evidence (which they kept secret); must have had some very strong political influence; or they had it in for this man. I pray to God they got the right person.

    steve parker

    I received the above email from 'Susan Kritzmire' the very same day the Mickey Thompson jury came back and convicted that scheming, disgusting murderer, Mike Goodwin (this is a guy who would urinate on the floor at high-class restaurants because he was so screwed-up on alcohol and drugs he couldn't get up to go to the Men's Room --- Just ONE thing about Goodwin many of us would not say publicly during the trial ... Well, he's convicted now!). Apart from her spelling being 'atroshus' , Susan also hints, in a FOX NEWS-type move, "it is my understanding ..." and then goes on to try and lay blame on the POLICE and Mickey's sister! Now, I immediately answered Susan and asked if she wanted me to forward her email to the police detectives working the case, as she claims to have information about a double murder which no one else has ... But I still have not heard back from her! Those police who visit this BLOG might want to contact her directly and ask what it is she knows! Meanwhile, perhaps Goodwin and OJ Simpson should be allowed to spend the rest of their lives "searching for the real killers" ... Anyone who wants to answer Susan (or me, for that matter) may do so ...

    Susan Kritzmire

    This trial against M.G. is a travisty, not only is there zero proff against him it is my understanding there was and still is another suspect that the law seems to ignore. Colline, Mickys sister has in in for Goodwin and her tunnel vision may lead to the conviction of an innocent man. I have know M.G. for over 40 years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt he could not murder his worst enemy. I pray he is exculpated, and the true killers are found and convicted.

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