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      See Steve's exclusive Gumball Rally video from NBC-TV's Whipnotic website (copy and paste): Over 120 gas-guzzling super-exotic sports cars, Hummers, Cadillac Escalade SUVs and an occasional interesting older car roared on May 2, 2009, from a California beach-side parking lot directly onto I-10, the Santa Monica Freeway, also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway, for the start of this year's Gumball Rally. The world's most politically-incorrect automotive street event, the Gumball Rally 3000, left Santa Monica (CA) Pier on Saturday, May 2, 2009 and headed toward its ultimate destination of Miami, FL eight days later. Participants reportedly paid $44,000 per car/team to enter the event. Though the Gumball stresses the skills of its drivers (and their cars) there are only two race track "special section" stops scheduled for the 3,000-mile long event, which will be run on public roads with all entrants subject to all highway rules and regulations. All photos (c) 2009 by


    July 11, 2006


    Steve Parker

    Agree that GM has done a good job with the VUE ... And glad that others are liking it, too. Borrowing some of the styling and tech from their Euro operations never hurt GM in the past, and still works ... Remember that Chrysler's Bob (car guy) Eaton was a Swiss national who had worked for BMW and GM in Europe.


    I love the look of the new VUE in and out. I think Saturn missed a golden opportunity to add something different to the compact SUV class. With the "Red Line" monkier, they could have made it a limited high performance car similar to the WRX STi and Lancer Evo. Saturn should have called it the "VUE Sport" if they weren't going to add any true performance tweaks. Still nice though.

    Steve Parker

    Where the heck do you live where you can go that fast for long periods of time? We're located in the southern California low desert and we have our moments, but I don't think a Saturn VUE would have me comfortable enough to run at those speeds. We had the 'Vette Z06 above those speeds for quite come time, but if you're happy in the VUE doing that, more power to you! Just be careful (as I msut say on this Mther's Day, 2007!). That IS a heck of engine (built by Honda), though, ain't it???

    Bad A** Vue

    I have a 2005 RedLine, and bone stock (it's my wife's car)it will do 0-60 in apx 7-7.5 seconds and I have had it up over 135mph on the interstate, though the mileage really suffers at that speed.

    Normally we get about 375-400 miles/tank at 130mph we got about 150 miles on 3/4 of a tank...but we got there a lot faster :) heh!
    I have yet to have any sort of limiter kick in, though 135 or so is about as fast as I would want to go with this type of vehicle even with the stiffer suspension. I just wish you could get a turbo diesel power plant in this thing... that would kick a**... ( my vehicle is an F-250 Powerstroke )

    steve parker

    Thanks for the comment! Actually, we DID drive the Z06 Corvette the same week as the VUE! But in reality, NONE of these vehicles are meant to 'smoke' any others ... Unless soccer moms are getting overly aggressive at the 'stop light grand prix' ...



    I Drove a lot of SUV's lately to inclue the Santa Fe, Trail Blazer, Exploder, Roundevoux, and I'll tell you what, the saturn Vue Redline Smokes them in acceleration!!! You must have just driven a corvette or something!

    J. Wallace

    nice, evenhanded review of the 2006 Vue RedLine...but...

    a) howcome the interior pic showing the older Vue interior - with that huge hubbed stearing wheel?
    b) do you really think that the RedLine was 'sluggish except at highway speed'? My 2006 Redline certainly isn't sluggish - although you really need to figure the transmission out as per your getting it to switch to lower recommendation would be to, around the city, use the shift position between Drive and Low - which not only keeps the tranny from shifting into overdrive (which slows the downshifting down), but it also gives some engine braking effect - and that saves the brakes - of course at a bit of a fuel economy premium...


    B. Wallace / Toronto

    steve parker

    Thanks for the comments. Alsways interested in what YOU THE READERS have to say!


    Very informative and helpful,

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