Palm Springs, CA

The new Maserati coupe, called GranTurismo, we first saw this past October at the TOKYO MOTOR SHOW, and have featured on our 'CAR NUT TV' show and this website, has a very aggressive 'snout' for its front end, and strong but lightweight wheels. I'm still not in favor of the "portholes" on the car's front side panels; they make it look like a very pricey, and small, Buick! In just a few days, at the Geneva Auto Show, Maserati is slated to introduce a new variant on the GranTurismo, GranTurismo S.

The factory states thusly, on the new S model: "Two main novelties are at the heart of the new Maserati: The 440 horsepower V8 4.7 Liter engine and the electro-actuated gearbox with fast MC-Shift arranged in the transaxle layout typical of high-performance sports cars that represents the technological DNA of all Maseratis. The GranTurismo S makes use of the high-performance brake system developed in collaboration with Brembo and introduced for the first time in the automotive field on the Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. The system features front brake discs made with dual-cast technology — a dual casting of cast iron and aluminum, paired with aluminum mono-bloc 6-piston brake calipers, ensuring optimized braking performance."

Sometimes the factory can say it best ...

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