Danica Meets the Media

Danica Meets the Media

Motegi, Japan

After winning at Motegi, Danica Patrick was mobbed by the media ... It was almost a bit of a blessing in disguise for Patrick, because the mob scene which would have ensued here in the States if she had won would have been even larger, perhaps even unmanageable to some extent. So she got to experience kind of a "dry run" of what will happen when she wins a major event in the US.

To be honest, in watching the event live on a Saturday night, California-time (is there any other?), I was surprised to see so many "non-Japanese faces" at the event. But then I thought --- Every American newspaper and magazine writer and photographer in Tokyo was no doubt at the race, drawn to the promise of being around a lot of cool people from "home", and, in any case, an Indycar race in Japan, even one tough to get to, would offer more fun than a lot of those men and women might have had in some time. Having been there for weeks at a time, I know Tokyo is a lot of fun, but after just a few days, McDonald's starts to look really good. In popping into one of the "Golden Arches", as plentiful in Tokyo as in Los Angeles, you'll always find us Westerners, half-thrilled and half-ashamed to be there ...

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