Lamborghini at Tokyo

Lamborghini at Tokyo

Makuhari Messe, Japan

Lamborghini revealed their Reventon, a spectacular 650-hp V12-powered carbon fiber-bodied supercar in Frankfurt, but the crowds of journos at Tokyo didn't seem to mind --- After all, the Frankfurt show happened only six weeks beofre Tokyo!

Reventon, in spite of being the most expensive production Lamborghini ever, with a pre-tax price of around €1 million ($1.43 million U.S.), has already sold its entire planned production run of just 20 models.

Named in an old Lamborghini tradition, for a fighting bull, the Reventon’s body is constructed mainly in CFC carbon-fiber composite. And in a nice illustration of Lamborghini’s attention to detail, the fuel filler cap is machined from a solid aluminum block. So take THAT, Mr. Gas Station owner!

Reventon’s instruments use TFT liquid-crystal displays with multiple display modes; and at the center of the display, whatever the mode, it features a g-force meter that shows longitudinal acceleration, deceleration and lateral forces on a graduated 3D grid, which can be useful information in a car with a maximum speed of 340 kph (211 mph) and 0-100 kph (62 mph) in 3.4 seconds. And after all, if you don't know how man g's you're pulling while driving down the block to pick up some milk, what is life all about, anyway?

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